Master of Classical Music Business

Middlesex University

London, UK


Master of Music in Violin Performance

University of Taipei (Schooling)

Taipei, Taiwan


Professional Study Diploma - Shirley Givens

Mannes College The New School for Music

New York, USA


Advance Course Diploma - Ilya Grubert

Fondazione Musicale Santa-Cecilia of Portogruaro

Portogruaro, Italy 


Bachelors of Music in Violin Performance

University of Montreal

Montreal, Canada




It is not about the questions you ask, but about the way you listen to the answers.


"I saw your web site on your music reviews and loved it."  


"Too few critics understand the complexity of performance before the public or in recordings and tend to think their job is to find fault. You have taken the higher path in describing what is positive about each performance and each performer's approach to the music.  This is so much more helpful for the performers and the public."


"You have great wisdom in saying what you did: "I know what violinist I want to be but also know in what world I want to be that violinist." We humans are so often overwhelmed just navigating the world we are in that we rarely stand apart from that world and challenge it to be better so we can be our best."  


"What you are doing in your writing is exactly what you want for yourself: "I don't pretend to anything but try to make people better at being themselves."  You are making their world less hostile when you praise them, and that in turn gives them more breathing room to express themselves through their music.  You are offering back to them the gift of acceptance that should be their daily reward for stepping out onto that stage.  Bravo!"




Charles Ervin

Charles Ervin Violins, Inc

January 2015