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David Taylor: About what we can do for the health of classical music

April 2020

I met and interviewed David Taylor in between writing assignments and articles about entrepreneurship in music. What he told me on that day is still resonating months after. If he is known as one of the leading entrepreneurs in the world of classical music it is for a reason; intuitive and dynamic, optimist but grounded, his insights are eye-openers. 

Aubrey Bergauer: To hold on to tradition too tightly will be our downfall

January 2020

I first heard of Aubrey Bergauer in one of my business classes because of the way she drove the California Symphony to become “the most forward-looking music organization around” (San Jose Mercury News). She talked to me about the cultural shift Classical Music should prepare to take.

Caroline Molloy: Concerts’ Manager at St. Martin’s-in-the-field

November 2019

Interested in knowing more about how the tradition and history of a place, as well as its acoustic are influencing artistic decisions in terms of programming, I met with Caroline Molloy, concerts’ manager at St. Martin’s-in-the-field. I met with her at the mythical church, on a busy Friday in London. 

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Beyond 7:30 - Episode 2: Social Media

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"A Modern Perspective. Rachel Podger shares a few trade secrets on mastering Baroque music"

Strings Magazine - August 2015

Rachel Podger