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Ilya Gringolts: Music is a language. Just speak the language

May 2018

"You need to know the alphabet, you need to know how to pronounce words, you need to know how to form sentences, and how to conjugate verbs. The same rules apply if you are an actor. It is all the same rhetorical things that we use, only it is not so obvious when we do something wrong. This is what we have to work on, first of all." 

Paul Huang: Bringing people together with music

March 2018

“Very often I wonder if I am doing the right thing. While we play in those magnificent concert halls, there are people who are starving, people who are begging for a life. But I have the feeling that music is healing, and it helps me justify myself as being a musician.” 

Pablo Ferrandez: A Golden Age for Cello

July 2017

“I have the feeling that when you don’t understand something it is because it is not well explained or played. If the music is good and the performance is good it should be understandable, even for very complex works, even if you are hearing the music for the first time.”

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Strings Magazine - August 2015

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